Secure On-Line Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

Complete Web-based Interface to replace 100% of your computers.

For clients who want their own applications to run securely over a cloud connection without the hassles and expense of running their own servers, we offer a complete hosting solution.

You tell us what you want hosted and we will deliver it on-line, to PCs, iPads, Macintosh, Droids, etc. It does NOT matter if your application runs on a Windows server - you can have it on almost any device that connects to the Internet. And, over the past 10 years, even through hurricanes, crushing storms and other severe conditions, Castlerock has delivered 99.7% up-time and we offer all customers a money-backed service guarantee. This way, you can always get your information, you can easily scan, print, use video and audio with better, faster performance than within your own office. Call us to find out more.

cloud computing