Experience counts.
Since 1989, we have helped physicians, administrators and hospitals exceed their business goals. By listening carefully to each client´s concerns, analyzing their business environment, establishing clear guidelines for action and following the action plan, our clientele have consistently banked more legal revenue while compliantly avoiding many mistakes made by other practices and institutions.

Our Chief Executive Officer is William H. Wendt, a veteran of medical business with over 25 years of hands on management and data processing expertise. Bill decided in 2003 to begin "Cloud" hosting for all Castlerock clients. Since then, it has become a popular catch phrase, but now Castlerock has a record of constant, uninterrupted "Up Time" which none of our competitors have. We also have the technology and staff to help our clients remotely when their own PCs, Macs, iPads and Android devices need assistance.

Bill´s no nonsense approach to re-negotiating physician contracts with insurance companies has also contributed greatly to our clients´ increased revenues. While most physicians and hospitals have been giving away increasing percentages to stay in network, most of Castlerock´s clientele have gone the other way and taken back the revenues that are rightfully theirs.

Our director of Practice Management is Steven Peltz, CHBC who is the current President of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants. We first met Steve in the early 1990´s when a Castlerock client asked us to provide some billing information for Steve. Since then, he has expanded his own business management practice called, "Peltz Practice Management and Consulting Services, LLC" Presently, Steve works with Castlerock on a contractual basis helping Castlerock clients achieve their practice management goals.

Our director of Medical Coding is Claude J. Garbarino, CCS who is also a professor of coding and healthcare practice at the County College of Morris in Randolph NJ. Since 1996, Claude and his staff have coded some of the most difficult cases for Castlerock physicians. These include modalities of service that were new at the time and as such did not even have listed codes for proper billing. For example, Laparoscopic Gastric Bypasses in 1999 did not have CPT codes, but Claude developed a working system for documentation that allowed Castlerock´s Lap GB surgeons to properly bill and receive full payment. He has also helped our Cardiac Electrophysiologists, Radiation Oncologists and specialty surgeons with coding and documentation protocols that significantly improve reimbursement and revenue cycles.

Our department heads and their staff members all have years of success with Castlerock. So, when a new client joins us, they are truly amazed at how everything is well thought out so that their business runs smoothly with easy access to the people who make it happen from Castlerock. Like one physician told us, "Now my practice feels like it´s running on AutoPilot".