Traditional Medical Billing

medical billing

We offer HIPAA secured, on-line billing services for physicians and hospitals who want to do some or most of their billing plus we also offer traditional service bureau billing for clients who want all billing done outside of their office, medical center or hospital.

Since 1989, our clients have put at least 20% more money in their bank accounts than any other previous billing they tried. Obviously, we're doing something right.

Hard work with applied knowledge, hard work with superior technology, hard work from experienced people, and by the way, more hard work results in more money. A lot more. One of our clients almost doubled their income with no increase in medical services just by switching to Castlerock. So how do we do it?

We don't just write-off balances because an insurance EOB says so. We fight for each and every dollar you are entitled to receive. So while everyone else is touting their "Rules Engines" and other gimmicks, we ACTUALLY do the work to appeal denied claims and hound insurance companied to pay as they should.

Yes, we scrub claims, yes we use the latest electronic tools, and yes we have sophisticated claims tracking, but we have the very best people in the industry who are highly motivated to collect more - every day. When you call us for more information, we will explain how our services will apply to you so you will bank more revenue too.
Beware of Imitators:

True Medical Billing is NOT just moving around electronic files, but REAL People doing REAL work to make sure that everything gets paid. Many "Billing Services" today don't do this work.

For example, many of our competitors just import Electronic Health Record files, push these out electronically to insurance companies and then import the payment files. If we lived in a perfect world, this would probably work. But it doesn't. Below are three key areas where Billing losses occur because:

1) EHR systems are NOT billing systems which mean that some billable items can be lost. TRANSLATION: Specialists can expect to lose at least 10% of their revenue by just relying on EHR entry in place of true charge capture. Most PCs are capitated, so their loses are minimal. Castlerock custom designs Charge Capture systems for each of our practices that ensure 100% acquisition of all charges.

2) Electronic Claims submissions sometimes don't go through all the way to the intended insurance carrier, claims can get lost. TRANSLATION: PCs and Specialists can expect at least 1 batch of claims dropped each month. If it is small, then losses are small, but if it large, loses pile up fast. This is why Castlerock has a very precise claims tracking system. And we follow up on everything to be sure all claims are paid.

3) Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA's that automatically put payment data on patient accounts) also can write-off payable claims while camouflaging real loses. TRANSLATION: 10 - 20% or more lost revenue because insurance companies know that 95% of denied claims are NEVER appealed. So they push as many denials as possible in hopes of saving money. Specialists need to look at how their multiple services, same patient, same day are paid & adjusted. They may be surprised.

While Castlerock does use computer automation to keep our client's costs down, we also have many quality assurance inspection / correction points throughout the entire revenue cycle. The result: Our Clientele enjoy more revenue and total peace of mind knowing that their billing is being done right each and every day. And, they can double check anytime they want by logging in on-line.