Our CEO and Company History

William H. Wendt

When I travel to various "Practice Management" meetings and seminars, I'm amazed at how little most owners and their "Managers" truly know about the business of medicine let alone technology. My knowledge is from direct hands-on experience which goes back to the early 1970's when I worked for my Father´s technology company.

Yes, I´m the son of a true rocket scientist who worked for NASA on the Moon Landing project in 1969. He helped create semiconductor technologies that are the heart of today´s computer networks. In the 1970´s, he formed his own company called, "Innovators Incorporated" and we built primitive computers that controlled industrial systems. Not only did we make the hardware, but also the programming that ran these rudimentary control systems. I also learned that engineering alone is not enough to "Make it" in a world dominated by competitive business practices. So, I set off to get a formal education in business.

By 1978, I graduated from Washington and Lee University, Lexington VA with a degree in Economics and went to work in corporate America. What a shock! Most businesses back then were still pushing paper and their managers were not on the same page as their employees, or their customers. So, I changed jobs several times looking for better opportunities and better-managed businesses. Having the good fortune to work with several employers, like Brooks International and Automatic Data Processing (ADP) who taught me business management from the bottom up, I got a transfer to New Jersey where I met a small billing service called Morris Physicians Management or "MPM" that was just starting out. In 1987, I quit my day job and became my own employer as a consultant to MPM.

Castlerock Management Corporation

By 1989, I formalized my consulting practice under the name of Castlerock Management Group which came from the original business address of 125A Castlerock Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849. At this time, I was not aware of the entertainment company with a similar name.

As a consultant to MPM, I helped organize this billing service around the principles of aligning all services to support each client´s particular needs while providing total accountability. We did a great job of billing, but also helped each practice with better organization, sometimes setting up new Tax IDs, helping them with hiring and expanding, registering new business names, logos, advertising, custom forms and the like. And from 1989, we connected hospital departments like radiology and pathology using FDDA "Star topology" circuits. So even before the Internet, we were supporting clients using the same, secure technology that branch banks used to connect to their home office. It wasn´t fancy, but it worked.

Throughout the 1990s, I got to do every practice management job imaginable from data entry to HMO contract negotiations. Whether keying in payments from insurance EOBs, to programming custom reports, you name it. I did it. Even today, I´m available from 8:00am to 10:00pm.

By the late 1990s, MPM's owners wanted to retire and did not want to invest the millions necessary to update their IBM Mainframe Systems to be Y2K compatible, so they sold all MPM assets to Castlerock. By this time, Castlerock had updated our own business structure under the current name of Castlerock Management Corporation and we acquired MPM's employees, assets and customers. And in June 1999, we purchased new IBM AS400 systems to replace the aging Mainframes.

In early 2003, we realized that secure, Internet connections were the way of the future, so we purchased new systems and started on-line billing using Windows servers. By 2005, we were hosting HIPAA secured EHR systems, but the term "Cloud" computing wasn´t yet popular. With many customers who only had dial up modems or slow DSL lines, we needed a way to speed up connections, so we used Citrix servers to do this. Over the years, these systems have gotten so good that we can now connect to iPads, Androids, PCs, Macintosh, Linux and other devices at blazing speeds. Our "Cloud" seamlessly handles scanning, audio and video as well as keyboard entry and traditional printing.

Yes, along the way, I learned a great deal about people, computer networks and business practices that produce outstanding results. So, when I meet my counterparts at practice management seminars, I DO know what it takes to fix problem practices and get desired results.

Bill Wendt