Our Business

. . . Is the improvement and smooth operation of our clienteles´ business. Our physicians and hospital departments do more than their competitors because they can concentrate on serving more patients as a result of their business running on auto pilot. With superior billing, their incomes are higher, much higher. With certified EHRs, their livelihoods are more organized. With applied practice management, they are in control of their destiny and have the information to make better decisions.

our business

While other practices are just scraping by, trying to pay the bills, our clientele are looking to expand. Why? Because we help them re-negotiate their managed care contracts, so they are paid more per service rendered. We help them document the higher levels of service they provide, so they justify billing and collecting more per service. And we pursue their claims via intense telephone calls and appeals, which work to yield more money from both insurance carriers and patients. So now our clients have the funds to expand.

While other practices are still stumbling to implement the cheapest EMR they could find, our practices are doing more electronically than they ever imagined possible. It´s NOT the price tag of the EHR system that matters; it´s the EASE of USE and Effectiveness that counts. And, whether it´s using secure patient portals over the Internet to attract and keep more patients or just cutting out paper cycles by e-faxing their consult notes, Castlerock´s professional clientele have the advantage because of superior organization and optimization of resources. This means, that they can see and treat more patients each and every day. No wonder, that by the end of each month, they bank more money.

And more money is always good. More worry-free time is almost as good. And we give you both.